Psychoanalyst, artist and author Dr. Vanessa Sinclair, hosted me at Rendering Unconscious Podcast and I felt at home to talk about:
– Collective Dream Diary and dreams as political documents of the body/archive
– Psychoanalysis as an act of hospitality
– Reinventing and imagining community
– Pandemics,simbolization and mourning I

Dr. Vanessa Sinclair Psy.D. is an American psychoanalyst, author and artist now living in Stockholm. She is also a founding member of Das Unbehagen: A Free Association for Psychoanalysis . In Rendering Unconscious Podcast , she interviews psychoanalysts, scholars, creative arts therapists, writers, poets, philosophers, artists & other intellectuals about their process, world events, the current state of mental health care, politics, culture, the arts & more. Episodes are also created from lectures given at various international conferences.

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