December 19th 2020, 2pm East

Sponsored in part by The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS)

Organized and adapted to the screen by Robert Beshara

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The Kingsley story (The Oedipus Story):

1. Kingsley/director: Robert Beshara

2. Jenna (Aphrodite/the Sphinx): María-Constanza (Cony) Garrido Sierralta

3. Dr. Wolf (Teiresias/Laius): Ian Parker

4. Cynthia (Jocasta): Shirin Caiola

5. Marilyn (Hypatia): Kiersten Figurski

6. Amun (Oedipus): S. Alfonso Williams

7. Joshua (Creon): Clint Burnham

8. Rachel (Sappho/chorus 1): Fernanda Magallanes

9. Nadya (Bilitis/chorus 2): Hilda Fernandez

10. Barbara (Merope/chorus 3): Irene Strasser

11. Martin/Ken/production designer (Polybus/chorus 4): Martin Dege

12. David/DP: Ted Richards

13. Dan/sound recordist (Socrates) + Screen Directions: Ali Nasser

14. Ed/producer (Zeus/Sophocles): Adham Zidan

15. Robert/ad (Hermes): Kribsoo Diallo

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